This page is dedicated to the fine
art (or not so fine art) of cooking
out. To be a Cookout King (or
Queen), you just have to enjoy
getting outside and doing as little
work as possible while maintaining
at least a modicum of culinary
quality. The contents herein
represent another slant on
barbeque activity.    


1. You don't have to be a good cook.
2. The fewer utensils the better. Too
much preparation and clean-up can
take the fun out of it. Eat with your hands
whenever possible. Bad manners are
tolerated and sometimes even encouraged.
3. A cooler stocked with cold beer is
mandatory. In the winter, just stick em
in the snow.
4. Always have a spare propane tank
or reserve of charcoal.
5. Will enthusiastically cook out any time
of year regardless of weather conditions.
6. Extra credit for having a back-up grill.

1. You can burn or undercook food and
get away with it easier than if you cooked
it inside.
2. You can smoke cigarettes (or anything
else) and not worry about bothering anyone.
3.  It's acceptable to use disposable
plates and utensils.
4. Beer coolers can be kept within arms
reach of the grill.
5. During cooler weather, the grill cooks
your food AND keeps you warm.
6. Food always seems to taste better outside.
7. Left-overs can be thrown off into the
woods providing yummy treats
for our animal friends.

Cookout Kings are prepared to cookout in any kind of weather, 365 days a year.....

.....rain, sleet, snow, and all other kinds of adverse weather conditions.....'s always a good idea, however, to keep a back-up grill in case yours somehow stops working correctly.