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About The Artist   - Stephen Randolph Branch

For an artist, it is gratifying to be recognized for your own reflection of the world. The desire for acceptance and respect is part of human nature and, in part, is what drives us. But there’s something to be said about the actual process of creating that art.

It is your vision. You, alone, determine size and content, light and darkness, hope and despair. You are the creator. All along the way there is discovery and excitement and adventure. The journey itself, is what breathes life into the artist. When your endeavor is completed, the process is over. We can momentarily take delight in the finished piece but, soon, desire to start again………… move among those who would inspire the world……….to become the hammer on the anvil that molds beauty itself………….to flow in the river of artistic creation.

As with any endeavor, the degree of effort given determines the quality of the results. Do what you do best. Trust your instincts. If you have the luxury, paint what moves you most. If your heart is behind the subject matter, you are more apt to capture some of the emotion on canvas. You’ll also be more motivated to dig deep and utilize the greatest degree of your talents.

I am proud and honored to have won many art awards and consider myself fortunate to have had both the guidance and inspiration of Oscar Durand, considered by many to be one of the best in the country.

Regarding music, I’ve been fortunate to have had musicians within my own family; from my brothers. my parents, my grandparents. It’s amazing to me how music can make the spirit soar and can even seem to make time itself, stop.

Music truly is the universal language. With hundreds of different spoken dialects on the planet, one piece of music can evoke the same emotion for all…….and, incredibly, at the same time offer endless vistas for one’s imagination. When lyrics are added, the point to the song becomes more specific. In my opinion, the best songwriters are those who unify the lyrics with the music….creating a certain oneness between the two.

Whether through music or art, it is the hope of this artist to share the delight of experiencing something new; of something never seen or heard before. To share my perspective of the world, to widen one’s scope of experience, to enrich your life.


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